Free Demo Projects: Low Risk = High Reward

You wouldn’t buy a new car without giving it a test drive first. You definitely wouldn’t subscribe to Netflix or Hulu without taking advantage of their free trial offer. Why? We humans like to examine things before going all in and forking out our hard-earned cash. It’s part of our nature to thoroughly check a product out before committing to it. The statistics show that if your business can turn 25% to 50% of your free customers to paid customers, your free trial marketing efforts are on the right track.

But, let’s face it; not all free trials are built equally. Streaming services have a not so secret agenda in mind; they want you to forget that you subscribed. Before you know it, you’ve been paying them for months. So it’s not all a wholesome pro-consumer affair. But what about small companies that offer free trials or pilot projects without even requesting your credit card? These small businesses are offering free demos to prove their worth and the quality of their work. It’s basically an audition to garner new clients. Knock them off their feet and chances are you have just transformed a free customer to a paying customer.

From creating an inspiring logo for your brand to designing stunning banner ads, free demo projects allow you to see the level of experience that a team possesses. Whether it’s web development or e-commerce systems you need, a free trial is the perfect opportunity to not only test the quality of a firm’s work, but also assess their promptness, ability to meet tight deadlines, and responsiveness. A free demo is a window into the soul of a business in terms of understanding how they build relationships and provide quality products and services.

Free Pilot Projects: What’s in it for you?

Free trials present you with an opportunity to educate yourself about a firm’s capabilities. Looking to outsource copywriting? By accepting a free demo of a freelancer’s work, you give yourself an opportunity to evaluate their writing style before committing to a relationship. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you shouldn’t pass up a free offer from a qualified team:

  1. Proof of Concept: Working proof of concept provides evidence that helps you evaluate the potential success of a project. It can help you identify flaws while also providing valuable information that can reduce the risk of failure later on. It provides the chance to evaluate design choices that can lead the project in slightly different ways, which could mean different results.
  2. Evaluation Period: How can you ensure your business doesn’t suffer as a result of a bad decision when employing a freelancer or establishing a partnership with an outsourcing firm? The answer is simple, a trial period. This solution allows you to lower risks because you can test the skills of a team before signing a contract.
  3. Make Them Gain Your Trust: A trusted firm holds itself accountable to the highest standards. The degree of trust depends on how many points an outsourcing company can score as a result of a free pilot project.
  4. Low to No Risk: Many of the risks of outsourcing can be mitigated with a free pilot project. After the free trial is completed, it’s easier to assess if the company you chose has a well-established model for remote team integration or not.
    Unlike other businesses that offer free trials, outsourcing firms don’t have any hidden agendas. Their main goal is to establish a trusted business relationship by proving their professionalism and knowledge with a free demo project. Once you have found the firm that encompasses all the qualities you are looking for, you can contract them to assist you in a variety of areas. The end result is the ability to offer the best services to your clients without taking on such a significant financial risk.