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Web / UX / UI Design

We design beautiful, impactful, modern, and responsive websites and interfaces, from the idea to a solution that works and looks good. We specialize in designing for function and the desired user behavior. We can pick up at any stage of the process – concept creation, wire-framing, mock-up design, and full functional storyboards. Our designers can utilize the requested software – Adobe CS / Sketch / Figma, all based on your requirements. We offer hourly rates, quoted projects as well as ongoing retainer packages.

Display Ad Design and Animation

Banner and HTML5 animation are very effective in display advertising. They naturally attract the attention of the visitor on an otherwise static page. We are experts in conveying advertising messages with powerful display animations. Our designers are experts in all popular display networks, including Google Display, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Depending on your needs, we can offer fixed-priced project pricing, ongoing retainers as well as hourly-billed options.

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Mobile App Design

Development in Shopify, including custom modules and complex integrations, is what CreativeWorks is known for. Our developers work for agencies and direct clients that test the limits of the platform. Over the years we’ve built integrations with custom shipping modules, developed custom plugins, and built headless frontends. If you own an online store built on Shopify and need continuous improvements and development, we are the team to beat. We offer monthly arrangements, can quote a new build, as well as help on an as-needed basis.

Print and Identity

Having a powerful print presentation can often be the difference between making a sale or not. Well-designed print materials inspire confidence, build brand awareness, and can help you stand out from your competition. All of our designers are classically trained in Fine Arts and are experts in Adobe CS, so creating high-impact print designs comes to them naturally. We offer hourly rates, quoted projects, as well as ongoing maintenance packages.

Web / Software Development Project Management

The Project Managers we offer have over 5 years of experience in the agency world and are available on 20+ hour engagements monthly. They are able to step in, fill in any project management needs, interface with your clients, and get your projects back on track.

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