Site: taglife.gt

TagLife is a mobile application and an agency dashboard that allows social media influencers to access a variety of brand-sponsored campaigns posted by direct advertisers or their agencies. The platform acts as a marketplace linking the influencers with campaigns based on their interests, types of profiles, location, etc, and integrates their social media posts, stats, etc providing the advertisers with reach and engagement based on their campaign budget. Upon verified post, Influencers get paid using Paypal or bank transfer.

Website, Backend Admin, IOS App, Android App
Code base:
Python/Django + MySQL, Native iOS, Native Android

Server: Gcloud
Auth: FB Auth, Google Auth, Twitter Auth
API’s: + API(FB+IG), Yotube API, Twitter API , App + Webapp API, Paypal API, multiple bank APIs Others: Cronjobs, Push Notifications.